Monthly Archives: August 2012

Poetic Compassion

Compassion Poem

What is compassion anyway? What better way to say it than through a poem.  This compassion poem expresses how I see Compassion: If we let our heart open, even in the midst of witnessing agony, we can melt that which blocks our Heart.  By doing so, we re-gain access to our essence, our intuition, our […]

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Kind Shopping!

Certified Compassionate Bag

Do you only carry kind, compassionate, vegan things with you?  Now you can carry then in a kind, Certified Compassionate bag! Label your post-shopping experience, and let the world see exactly what kind of a shopper you are. Kind shopping to you!  

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The Classic Certified Compassionate Shirt

Certified Compassionate Shirt

If you can certify your fridge, why not certify yourself?  Wear a Certified 100% Compassionate shirt to let world know you mean compassion! This is the classic Certifed Compassionate Shirt.  And it is super felxible!  You can actually mold it into any type of shirt, T-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, or top you want.  So let your […]

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