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Kind Inspiring Words

Fun ways to share compassion and the vegan message.

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Featured Products

The Classic - Certified Compassionate Magnet

Do it! Go ahead and get the classic vegan magnet that will certify your refrigerator. Be proud of your accomplishments!

What's in Your Fridge?

Is your refrigerator filled with compassionate, vegan goodies? Let your kitchen guests know.

The Classic Certified Compassionate Shirt

This super flexible, extra moldable shit can morph into any type of shirt, t-shirt, or top your heart desires. Let the compassionate message merge with your creative style.

Kind shopping to you!

Here is a way for you to proudly carry your kind and compassionate goods with you, while letting their compassion dazzle the world.

From The Blog

Poetic Compassion

What is compassion anyway?
What better way to say it than through a poem.  This compassion poem expresses how I see Compassion:

If we let our heart open, even in the midst […]

Kind Shopping!

Do you only carry kind, compassionate, vegan things with you?  Now you can carry then in a kind, Certified Compassionate bag!
Label your post-shopping experience, and let the world see exactly […]

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